Make Them Do a Double Take

Accumulating countless bits of information about a company, product or event and transforming it into an eye-catching and concise presentation for the public is nothing short of an art form. Readers and consumers have the option to buy in or move right along. The goal as PR professionals is to make them do a double take.

Various corporations are utilizing the tool of a fact sheet to communicate information about who they are and what they do in a succinct and intriguing way, media advisories to alert and keep the publics in the know of what they are doing, and media kits for an all-access pass inside.

An up and coming innovative home appliance company, PIRCH, has given customers insight into their methodology and services via their interactive online press kit. Often times companies give merely a surface level perspective into how they run their company, but one interesting aspect of PIRCH’s kit is their transparency.

It is has been said time and time again that millennial value authenticity and PIRCH does an impeccable job of portraying meaning in the services their company provides. One fact that is evident about this company is their willingness to be available to their customers.

They make available contact information for each location as well as opening a window for the reader into what drives them by presenting the company “manifesto” of displaying joy in everything that they do. They hold the desire to take the often draining and mundane task of appliance shopping that all individuals or families must engage in at some point in life and turn it into an enjoyable and memorable experience.

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The purpose of a media or press kit is to make dense information about their company and make it readily accessible to the media and the publics. PIRCH does just this is a creative and easily navigated method. PIRCH is a modern, sleek, and creative company and if I were to see any improvements to this press kit it would be to emphasize that more. This press kit is clean and specific, but I think creativity could be heightened even more.

A company who stresses the importance of meaningful interactions and relationships with customers upholds a strong standard and foundation for their PR material.

A media alert or advisory gives PR professionals a small window of opportunity to communicate the high points about an event or product. What to say and how to say it is crucial in the communication of this information.

Hitting on the who, what, when, where, and why is of the upmost importance and Fotobom along with Austin City Limits presents a spot-on display of how it is done through the promotion of their event at the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, TX. Not only do we get to see what the event is comprised of, but this advisory presents the reader and media outlet with an invitation into the company profile.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 6.24.58 PM

Event Flier from Fotobom Media Advisory

Generating attention for their new emoji creating and photoshop phone application, Fotobom strategically partnered with Austin City Limits to bring the community an entertaining lineup and inviting atmosphere to allow publics the opportunity to engage in their application. The advisory points out where and when the event is as well as who they are and who will be there.

Most importantly, and what I find the most beneficial of how this advisory was written, is that they give the reader the opportunity to scope out and analyze the application themselves. By providing links to the app as well as information on how to navigate it the reader is able to engage rather than simply read.

I think the order of information is extremely important in reading a media advisory. The “what” is the event itself, which will draw media to want to use the information. I think that the “when” and “where” tie into the event details themselves and should be placed following the “what”. I believe that the advisory should close with talking about the company as a whole to keep it cohesive and smooth.

This advisory pointed me to the app that gave me the ability to make my dream come true as I  became a part of Taylor Swift’s fierce girl-power posse! This is definitely an event worth attending.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 11.16.12 PM tayswift

Photo created using Fotobom application, Google images, and personal Camera Roll

Pendleton Woolen Mills has been in business for over a hundred years. A company with such a rich history holds a vast amount of information about the journey to success; much more information than that which can be confined to one page.

A fact sheet aims to contain information about the executives, a brief history of the foundation of the company, locations, products and services, and interesting insight into the prior.

Pendleton is a family owned business that has created an empire for themselves and the products they create. The fact sheet provides each piece of needed information, which gives the media and the consumers insight into how they got to the place they are today.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 11.37.58 PM

From Pendleton Fact Sheet

Words on a single page can often become blurred and overwhelming to the person seeking the information. This fact sheet is nicely organized in a grid-like manner, but lacks much creativity and is a bit wordy throughout. By condensing the information the impressive journey this family-owned business has taken.

Engaging the media and the consumer through these various tools requires an extreme amount of strategy and planning. The three companies that I have analyzed possess serious strengths in their PR tools that will only further the success of their businesses as a whole.