Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

The news that is released regarding a particular company are the bread and butter to creating the image they desire. In order to make this information easily accessible to their publics, many companies have created online “newsrooms” where all of their press and news releases are gathered.

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all company logos from Google Images

HP’s newsroom is made up entirely of announcements and assurances of their new and current products. Headlines such as “HP Eliminates Ink Anxiety…,” “HP Announces World’s Most Secure Printers” and “HP Dramatically Simplifies…” all point to the cutting edge this company has on making technology extremely accessible to their customers.

The HP Newsroom itself is on-point in terms of organization. Not only are press releases displayed, but HP has also given consumers access to news advisories, press kits, HP in the news, as well their Twitter activity.

The news releases themselves are extremely lengthy and wordy. A reader can’t help but get lost in the overwhelming jargon and amount of information.

Google’s newsroom lacks that fun and creative atmosphere that they typically create with their products, but their use of recurring news topics including “Through the Google lens” which examines that weeks search trends and the news they present that is relevant to hard-hitting topics such as relief for refugees show a strategic method of presenting news about Google.

They are communicating with their readers to come back and visit and continue to read about what Google has going on in an easy-to-read and relatable way.

The weakness I see in Google compared to HP is it’s lack of fully showing visitors to the newsroom that these stories are about the good things Google is doing. The headlines don’t draw you in to learning more about Google like the HP headlines accomplished.

Ore-Ida, or Heinz, lacks a lot of creative appeal in their overall newsroom as well as their news releases. It is so easy to get lost in an abundance of words, especially when the font is so small even though that is a minor detail. The image carries a lot of weight.

Their is so much factual detail packed into each release that the average reader cannot follow what they are talking about. The headlines they have displayed are much too long and as a reader myself, I don’t want to go much further.

The Mayo Clinic has contributed so much to medical research and advancement. Often times, information about medical topics can be too difficult for the general public to understand. Mayo Clinic has managed to make it easy on us.

Each of their news releases has a relatable topic such as “Kids with asthma exposed to secondhand smoke have twice as many hospitalizations” as well as turning this information into lists like a “top ten” list.

The most appealing part of the Mayo Clinic’s news releases are the inclusion of videos to almost all of their stories. Reaching readers on not only a print channel but also visually through video is a creative way to convey their information.

Article Rewrite from Heinz/Ore-Ida:


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