Blogging: Building and Maintaining Relationships with a Generation Desperate for Connection

millenialThe millennial generation has been defined as one with heightened use of technology and media. Those born into this era are faced with the pressures of connecting on a completely different level the generations past.

Through both professional and personal platforms, blogging has been projected into the forefront of social media use and PR professionals have caught on with the opportunity to plug such information to the increased public accessing these sources.

The three blogs I reviewed were Holtz Communication + Technology , The Flack , and Defining the Convergence of Media and Influence. Each of these three blogs emphasized a separate aspect of the public relations and communications field. From emphasizing making meaningful connections with publics to minute details of marketing that are often overlooked, the three authors offer up intriguing positions on the content of this field.

In terms of basic interest, I recognized a few aspects from each that drew me in as a reader. Holtz Communication + Technology has done an excellent job of emphasizing a lasting connection with readers. The author, Shel Holtz, has established weekly features covering multiple topics in the field of PR and Communication such as their Friday Wrap Up segment.

By displaying and analyzing multiple news topics on a weekly basis, this encourages readers to continually return and gain knowledge on relevant topics. Recurring features give readers the opportunity to repeatedly engage with a source and the ability to obtain information across a broad spectrum are two ingredients for good PR as well as good long-term writing.

The Flack contains some of my favorite writing of all blogs that I had the chance to visit. While lacking much of any eye-catching images or media, the content was the most impressive that I saw. I often see writers cover broad topics then through deductive means manage to draw out specifics to emphasize a point. The author, Peter Himler, rejects that approach and writes directly to specifics that could possibly be overlooked but play a large role in the world of marketing.

The article speaking to the change in logo of two social media tycoons, Spotify and Twitter, brought a new perspective for me on the impact small brand changes can have on the publics. When dealing with broad topics such as branding it is easy to overlook the impact details can have on publics. This blog and specifically this article displayed that for me.

Defining the Convergence of Media and Influence was the final blog I analyzed that contained the most compelling approach and deepest meaning to why PR and Communication professionals do what we do. Connection seems to be, for Brian Solis, the most important goal that today’s PR world needs to focus on. It is no longer about simply reaching the public, but linking with them and walking alongside them in the future to encourage them to care.

I have heard multiple times that the population of the current generation have spent their entire life being advertised to and are readily prepared to see through the false information with a need to seek authenticity. Solis points to this in his assertion that relationships and connections matter, a mindset that all PR professionals need to adopt.

The blog I feel most adequately adheres the to the ten writing tips in our text is The Flack. The clarity of the writing takes complex and specific topics and makes them accessible to a wide range of publics. While I would encourage an increase in media (i.e. photos or videos) throughout the span of each article, the writing upholds a steady and easily followed flow of information.

Along with clarity comes the easy readability of this source. Fields such as marketing and public relations contains detailed terms, but Himler does an impressive job of applying these terms in a way that is accessible to uninformed readers.

Through intriguing verb-use such as depicting Tinder tackling the magazine Vanity Fair for a negative article, unpacking details of the field in relatable ways rather than a convoluted one as he does in discussing the marketing of Twitter and Spotify, and his ability to take chances on topics outside of the norm such as analyzing women and their need for a new Hermes Birken Bag, Himler takes risks and presents his opinions in one of the most creative ways I have encountered thus far.

The credibility of Himler as a writer and a source for Public Relations information is indubitable to me. The Flack can count on its readership increasing by a solid one!


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